Staying safe when you're out at night

Whether you’re at a party, club, or some other event in the city, remember these things to keep yourself safe while you’re having fun.

Large crowd of students dancing outside with coloured lights Photo: Kimberly Jacobs

Buddy system

You probably have vague memories of your elementary and high school teachers standing at the front of the school bus yelling—over all the chatter and excitement— about the buddy system. While it may seem juvenile, it’s essential to always have at least one friend by your side when you’re at parties or downtown at night. No matter what, you’ll always have someone with you in case you get lost, injured, or sick.

And make sure you’re looking out for your buddy. If you’re both drinking and your buddy doesn’t seem to be doing well, take a step back from your drink and keep an eye on them. Help them the same way you’d hope they’d be there for you.

If you’re coming back from an event somewhere in the city and you find yourself in a bad situation once on campus (like you or a friend gets injured or can’t safely make it home) having the DalSafe app can be incredibly helpful. Either you or your buddy can access the Dal Security phone number directly from the app and call for help. If you’re not on campus, call 911 in an emergency.


Laws and respect

Halifax is an active city. Whether it's a weekday or weekend, there’s always something for you to do. Keep in mind that when you’re downtown you’re under the jurisdiction of the Halifax Regional Police (HRP). In Truro, it's the Truro Police Service. While they’re there to help (see calling 911 above), they’re also there to keep everyone safe. That means if you’re not following the laws (the legal drinking age or open alcohol rules) then you’re at risk of a hefty fine. To put it simply, be respectful to yourself, those around you, and public property.


Drinking and substance use

If you plan on drinking or using other substances, make sure it’s your own or from someone you know and trust. Don’t take anything from strangers. If you don’t know where it’s coming from, it’s best to avoid it.

If you’re at a bar or party don’t leave your drink unattended. But if you do, leave it behind. Buying another is a small price to pay to make sure you’re keeping yourself safe from a spiked drink.

If you live in residence, it's important to remember that being drunk isn’t a violation, even if you’re underage. What’s most important is your safety. Residence Life staff are there to help you.

If you or a friend needs medical attention, don’t hesitate because you think it might get you in trouble. Use the DalSafe app on campus or call 911 if you’re downtown.