20 tunes for (almost) springtime '20

Lots of new music has been coming out lately, but there are also some oldies in here that I thought fit the mood of breaking out of winter and (hopefully soon?) into spring. So, crack open your books and laptop, put on the playlist, and get some work done!

Photo: Pxhere.com

Listen to the entire (almost) springtime ’20 playlist on Spotify.

1. Lord Huron, “The Night We Met”

My parents have a Sonos speaker system at home that plays music all throughout the house. My dad loves to put on random folk-y, chill playlists, and I swear this song is on every one of those playlists. After trying to figure out the name of the song for a few weeks, I finally put my pride aside and asked my dad what it was called (not the first time I have my dad to thank for music recommendations).


2. Pink Sweat$ & Jessie Reyez, “Honesty”

I heard the original version of this song last year, but hearing this remix has definitely resparked my obsession. The two voices just really compliment it and, let’s face it - I’m a sucker for R&B!


3. Mac Miller, “Surf”

My fall playlist also featured a Mac Miller song, but this one is fresh off the new ‘Circles’ album! This one’s my favourite so far. What’s yours?


4. Harry Styles, “Adore You”

I would’ve put the entire Harry Styles album on here if I could, but I tried to practice self-restraint and only choose one song. This one has the perfect amount of energy to keep you focused on your studies, but not so much that you’re taking a dance break. If you do choose a dance party though, I support it.


5. Damien Rice, “Coconut Skins”

This song has a lot of special meaning to me and I just rediscovered it a few weeks ago. If you get the chance, watch Robbie Hance’s audition tape for Britain’s Got Talent where he played a cover of this song.


6. Alfie Templeman, “Used to Love”

This is a perfect song to have playing in the background, and I found it on my Apple Music weekly ‘chill’ playlist, soooooo it’s gotta be chill then, right?


7. The Internet ft. KAYTRANADA, “Girl”

This song was recommended to me by a friend because she “thought I would like it.” PSA: I am always looking for more friends like this.


8. Ralph Castelli, “Morning Sex”

Here’s another relaxing tune that offers some good background sound.


9. KALEO, “I Want More”

KALEO opened for the Lumineers at their concert I went to in Ottawa, 2017. I had a few of their songs downloaded at the time, but after seeing them live I became a huge fan.


10. Kehlani, “Love Language”

As we patiently wait for Kehlani to drop new music, I decided to add a song from her 2019 album, “While We Wait.”


11. Olivia Dean, “OK Love You Bye”

This song will have you bobbing your head and ready to break someone’s heart—the perfect combo!


12. Miley Cyrus, “Slide Away”

I’ve always been a huge Miley fan, from her role as Hannah Montana, to her Bangerz days, to this fresh Miley Cyrus. What can I say, the lady makes great music! This song has been stuck in my head for days, so naturally I had to add it.


13. Maren Morris & Hozier, “The Bones (with Hozier)”

If you checked out my last playlist, you’ll know that I’ve been a major Hozier fan since I first heard his voice. I only just discovered this song he’s featured on, so I’ll be busy listening to it on repeat for the next week!


14. Xavier Omar ft. GoldLink, “No Way Out”

I guess Xavier Omar is a pretty big name in R&B, but I’ve only heard a few of his singles. I thought I’d look a bit further into his music and I came across this song that features GoldLink. If you haven’t checked out GoldLink, I highly recommend—one of my favourite music finds of last summer!


15. Robert Glasper Experiment ft. Brandy, “What Are We Doing”

It’s winter, we’re in university, and I’m sure each of us has had the thought, “What am I doing?” At least this song reminds us that we aren’t the only ones trying to figure it out.


16. Jorja Smith, “February 3rd"

If I could have my inner dialogue be someone else’s voice, I’d choose Jorja Smith’s. There, I said it.


17. Solange, “Junie”

Solange is another artist whose voice literally lowers my cortisol levels, I swear! If I close my eyes when I listen to this song, I can picture myself in the utmost comfort being serenaded by Solange. A girl can dream, OK?!


18. Leon Bridges, “If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be)”

My parents got to see Leon Bridges this past September at Ottawa’s CityFolk Music Festival. I was so jealous and wanted to come, but unfortunately I “have to go to school” and I was “out of the province.”


19. Ruby Waters, “Here’s to You”

My Dalhousie friends introduced me to Ruby Waters and I want to pass on the favour! Turn this music up!


20. Saba ft. Jean Deaux, “Photosynthesis”

I’ve been listening to this song non-stop, so it had to be shared!