5 signs you may have a drinking problem

Drinking alcohol can quickly go off the rails when it becomes a habit. So when does casual drinking turn into something you should start worrying about?

Photo: Kaboompics.com

If you’re worried about your drinking habits or those of your friends, check these five symptoms of potential alcoholism. If any of them sound familiar, Dal has your back! As a student, you have access to a number of resources that’ll help keep you healthy.

1. Losing interest in things you used to enjoy.

You’re no longer interested in dancing, video games, seeing friends, listening to music, etc.

2. Prioritizing alcohol over other responsibilities

Drinking is getting in the way of handing in your assignments on time, going to class, team practices, rehearsals, or just showing up for things you’ve committed to.

3. Continuing to drink even if it causes problems

You keep drinking even when you’re dealing with health issues, financial struggles, arguments between friends/family members, etc.

4. Experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms

When you’re not drinking you feel anxious, tired, nauseous, and irritable, and you start to sweat, shake, and have hallucinations, etc.

5. Drinking alone

You spend time drinking in secret by yourself.

If any of these symptoms are recognizable in yourself or a friend, know that you are not alone. You can contact:

Dal Security at 902-494-6400 (on-campus emergency)

911 (off-campus emergency)

Dal’s social worker at social.worker@dal.ca