10 easy vegan snacks to take to campus

These yummy snacks are healthy and great to have on hand while studying or running between classes.

A bowl of black bean salsa next to tortilla chips and sliced jalapeno peppers Photo: Los Muertos Crew

Hummus with vegetables or crackers

I like this idea because you can opt to make your own hummus (check out this recipe for a 6-ingredient classic hummus and this one for a spicy hummus) or simply buy your favourite brand! Some companies even make snack-sized containers that you can take with you on the go, which are perfect for throwing in your bag for the between-class hunger. On a painfully real note, my mom used to pack me just hummus—no veggies or crackers—because I like it that much, so you could always just eat it plain as well. If you don’t like hummus, an alternative could be guacamole!


Doctored-up popcorn

Coming from someone with a twin brother who eats popcorn like it’s going out of business—I’m talking religiously, popcorn is no joke in this household—this snack is probably one of my favourites. However, sometimes it can get pretty boring. Check out this article by VegNews for ideas on how to take your snack from OK to mind blowing. Seriously, you might just have to make extra for your friends! 


Roasted pumpkin seeds

My mom makes these every autumn and the hardest part isn’t the baking, it’s separating the seeds from the pumpkin guts! Luckily enough, the grocery store sells gutless pumpkin seeds and all you need is some olive oil and salt. Bake them at 450F until they’re brown and you've got an incredible snack! Check out this article by Jessica Gavin for a step-by-step guide to roasting your own.


Crispy tofu

Tofu is one of my go-to foods because of how rich in protein it is. As someone who tries hard to practice veganism when possible, one of the greatest struggles for beginners—A.K.A. me—is finding the ways to pack protein into your diet. Tofu, in that sense, is considered a “complete” protein because it’s so well balanced. Beyond that, it’s just plain yummy. If you have the time, it’s so worth trying your hand at frying some tofu for a crispy treat! Check out this recipe for frying your own tofu.



This is a must-have for my best friend and I whenever we go out to eat—heads up: Kyo has amazing edamame—and it got me thinking that it would make an amazing between-class snack. It uses limited ingredients—the edamame and your seasoning of choice—and takes minimal actual cooking. This article by Kitchn has a bunch of cool edamame recipes for you to try. Personally, I enjoy a kick so the sambal oelek and lime recipe is my fave!


Trail mix

I hemmed and hawed about putting this one in the article because I’m a strong advocate for a peanut-free campus, however trail mix is a great nutritious and balanced snack that’s also fun. Sometimes the key to powerful and healthy eating is adding a fun twist—in this case, vegan chocolate! This is the easiest snack on the list because there’s no cooking required. Hey, if you don’t even want to mix the ingredients together—things like dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, and anything else—then you can easily find a pre-made mix in any grocery store!


Fruit leather

Did you ever have a fruit roll-up as a kid? Those heavenly, sugary strips? That's what this is, but way better for you. You can even customize the flavour by choosing the kinds of fruits you want to add. Now, I will say that out of all the recipes I’ve included here, this one is probably the most advanced. However, Elise Bauer lays out very simple, easy-to-follow instructions that will guide you through the tricky parts if you just stick to it. And at the end you’ll come away with a yummy treat!


Black bean salsa

One of my go-to snacks when I can’t decide what my body or mind needs is chips and salsa. I think it brings me back to my childhood (even though I hated salsa back then) and takes away the stress of cooking a huge meal. It’s also incredibly easy to package and take with you during your day without the risk of it going bad. This black bean salsa recipe by Lean Maroney is one of my personal favourites— though I am sure there are many more—as it packs a slight punch and is incredibly flavourful!


Veggie chips

I couldn’t add a salsa recipe without adding a chip recipe to go along with it! What I love about veggie chips is that they’re incredibly easy to make—slice and bake, that’s it! And you can choose which vegetables you like best for a customizable experience. My personal favourite is beet chips, because of the slight sweetness. You can also flavour them with the spices you like for even more fun! This recipe for chips by Arman Liew will tell you everything you need to know and more.


Chocolate-dipped fruit

By far one of my favourite foods is chocolate-covered strawberries. However, making them veganized can look a little different than just using regular chocolate. In this recipe for vegan chocolate, Alison Andrews shares her tricks to make the process seamless. Hint: mix the chocolate with coconut oil! Also, to avoid messy fingers on campus, I recommend either bringing a fork or putting the fruit on toothpicks.