Primer for the DSU elections 2020

Think your vote doesn't matter? Think again. Check out a little bit about this year's candidates and make sure you vote in the DSU elections March 10–12!


So what exactly does the Dalhousie Student Union do? And why should you be bothered to vote for the executive members? Basically, the DSU aims to represent the 19,000+ diverse students who call Dal home each year. It makes sure societies are operational, provides bursaries and grants to students who require them, operates services such as the food bank and Campus Copy, organizes the Orientation Week events, and acts as a general liaison between the students and the university administration. The DSU also runs organizations like Campus Copy for students’ printing purposes and works to ensure an equal and equitable environment for students in general.

Here’s a rundown on this year’s candidates and their platforms. (For more info, check this Q&A with the candidates on the DSU website.) Educate yourself and make sure you have your say by voting March 10–12.


Colin Cooper
4th year, Political Science
Instagram: @cooperyeswecane
Twitter: @yeswecane

  • Lobby for a tuition freeze.
  • Make the campus more accessible.
  • Bring more transparency to the potential membership in the Canadian Federation of Students.
  • Make the DSU Executive more in touch with the student base.

Moonie Shakhzodova
Economics & Psychology
Instagram & Twitter: @moonie_2020

  • Restore the faith and trust of the Student body in the DSU.
  • Give equal attention and resources to all Dal campuses.
  • Raise awareness for mental health.

Maddie Stinson
3rd year, Management
Instagram: @maddiestinson

  • Creating a social media channel exclusive for DSU executives with the goal of connecting to the students better.
  • Bringing back livestreaming of council meetings.
  • Perform internal audits into the DSU
  • Create long term goals ranging from 5, 7 and 10 years.
  • Review the liquor policy to prevent license suspensions
  • Make more communal events such as fine arts and varsity games more accessible for the students
  • Better representation for all campuses of Dalhousie.
  • Inclusion and representation.


Vice President Student Life

Mazen Brisha
2nd year, Kinesiology
Instagram: @mazen.brisha

  • Unite students through their differences and make the DSU an organization the students can be proud of.
  • Transparency
  • Inclusivity
  • Greater Accountability
  • Engagement
  • Representation
  • Student Empowerment

Jad Ghiz
2nd year, Management
Instagram: @jad4vpsl

  • Safety: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.
  • Inclusivity: Making all students feel comfortable both on and off campus.
  • Fun: Big events such as O-week and DalFest, a new set of small events held across the school year, and a novel philosophy of de-politicization and anti-bureaucratic gestures.

Shivam Mahajan
Computer Science
Instagram: @shivam.6444

  • Inclusivity: More inclusion and diversity on campus.
  • Athletics: More opportunities for niche athletics.
  • Entertainment: Emphasis on Winter and Summer orientations.


VP Academic and External

Mohab Brisha
Marine Biology & Biochemistry

  • Better representation, as summed up by his slogan, "Let’s put the Student in Dalhousie Student Union."

Erica Seelemann
Instagram: @erica_dsu

  • Sustainability
  • Security
  • Representation


VP Finance & Operations

Isa Wright
4th year, Social Work
Instagram: @is_wright

  • The only candidate for this positions, and running for reelection.


VP Internal

Sterling LaRowe
4th year, Biology & Philosophy
Instagram: @sterling4vpi

  • Creating unity
  • Meaningful communication
  • Improving access

Hanna Stewart
2nd year, Medical Sciences
Instagram: @hannstewart

  • Connection
  • Consciousness
  • Communication


Black Community Rep

Claudio Castillo-Prentt
3rd year, IDS & Political Science

  • The only candidate running for this position in 2020.