Apps to make your life easier at Dal

When you want everything at the touch of a button, these apps will help you navigate your way around Dal (sometimes quite literally).



Developed by the Dalhousie Security Services team, this app houses a ton of resources to ensure your safety and well-being are maintained on campus. In the app you’ll find access to campus maps, health and wellness resources, and direct access to emergency contacts. This app also alerts you if there’s a university closure, so you’ll know exactly when there’s a snow day!


Looking to travel around Halifax? Public transit in the city is developed with students in mind—with many bus routes that run through or near all three Halifax campuses, you can get yourself pretty much anywhere in the city fairly easily. We recommend the Transit app for its accurate bus arrival time based on the location of riders, but you can also use a navigation app like Google Maps.

Microsoft Outlook

Your Dalhousie email is powered by Outlook and by downloading the app you have a constant contact to all Dalhousie communications and information. You’ll never miss updates or events, plus this will be the email your professors will use to connect with you, so you’ll never miss a class update or last-minute reading assignment.

Casino Taxi

Nova Scotia has recently welcomed the ride share company Uber, but sometimes that surge pricing can be brutal. Casino Taxi is your next best option if you need a ride in Halifax and transit just won’t do. The app shows you the status of your booking in real time and you can book a reservation for a later date. Plus, you’ll receive cost estimates if you include a pickup and return address.

Brightspace Pulse

Brightspace is the platform that you use to receive class information (including marks) and materials from your professors, all in a clean and organized format. The app version of the website gives you notifications whenever there’s an announcement from your prof and if there’s new material or postings available to view. You’re also able to view your marks conveniently from your phone.

Top Hat

You’ll most likely use Top Hat at least once in your classes (maybe you’ve already used it in high school). Top Hat allows profs to engage their students by using the software to record attendance, host quizzes, and many more great features. Download the app to prepare for class and enter professor details to be added to their class.

What apps have you downloaded that you find particularly useful as a student? Comment below and let us know.