5 awesome brunches you have to try

What's your new year resolution? How about eating around town some more! These are my go-to brunch places in Halifax.

An array of brunch options Photo: Julie Aagaard

I love brunch. I consider it a wholesome staple meal and will make time for it at least once a week. It makes for the perfect social gathering with friends, and it’s a great way to fill a gap in your schedule. I love brunch so much that I’ve spent the past few weeks going on a massive brunch adventure to find you my top five brunches in Halifax. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but should serve as a quick guide for where to brunch next! 

Ardmore Tea Room

6499 Quinpool Rd.

This Halifax institution is a must-try for any student! The food is super cheap and gives you that classic diner feel. I went with my roommate before morning classes and the food came out so quick, we weren’t even late!


1535 Dresden Row
277 Lacewood Dr. (Clayton Park)
1475 Bedford Hwy. (Bedford)
644 Portland St. (Dartmouth)

I recommend this chain for anyone who never knows what they want and needs all the options. From waffles to crepes to eggs, Cora’s has everything you could ever want from brunch, so be prepared to spend an hour trying to pick something. I’ve been here at least 6 times this semester, not even mad about it.

Black Sheep

1569 Dresden Row

Just off of Spring Garden Road, Black Sheep has a cozy-but-hip feel that I’m really into. They serve brunch until 4pm most days, which is awesome if you aren’t a morning person (like me). Black Sheep just won The Coast’s award for best brunch in the city, so I’m clearly not the only person who drools over their menu. The eggs benedict is the best thing you’ll ever put in your mouth!

Elle’s Bistro

1678 Barrington St.

This place on Barrington gives me major café vibes. They have all-day breakfast and a large selection of lunch options if you can’t decide between sweet and savory. The bistro uses mostly local ingredients, which is a huge bonus!

Cacao 70

1875 Upper Water St.

I went on a two-day waffle streak at this Canadian chain. It’s right by the water, which makes for a good opportunity for a walk after… Trust me, you’ll need it. Cacao 70 has a lot of chocolate-inspired items on the menu, making it perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Happy brunch-ing! Did your favourites make the list? Where should we brunch next?