Your guide to Dal's mental health resources

Whether you're stressing over exams and assignments or need some support for your anxiety or anything else, Dal has you covered.

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This article was updated in July 2023.

Need someone to talk to? Looking for someone to lean on? Maybe you just need to talk with a friend, go to a group workshop, or hang out with a puppy. Here are some of the resources at Dal that can provide support.

All campuses

Health professionals

In Halifax: The Dal Student Health & Wellness Centre team includes counsellors that can help you develop strategies for coping with personal or learning disability issues and set you up with a wellness plan. If you would like to have a same-day appointment with a counsellor, you can book one online. Appointments open at 8am, Monday–Saturday. The Centre also offers group counselling sessions, including: self-care skills, anxiety, and eating disorder support. New dates are added at the start of each semester.

In Truro: The team at Student Health Services offers counselling on a number of topics including stress management, self-esteem, nutrition, and overall wellness. They can also make referrals to appropriate mental health resources in the area. Drop in or call 902-893-6369 to make an appointment.

Residence staff (RAs, RLMs, and Dons)

Not only are Dal’s RAs more than happy to provide students with advice and referrals to on-campus services, they’re also trained in suicide intervention, sexual assault response, and peer support. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your RA if your mental health isn’t where it needs to be! You can also reach out to the RLMs (Residence Life Managers) and Dons (in Truro).


Good2Talk is a free, confidential helpline for post-secondary students. By calling Good2Talk, you can receive information and referrals about services and supports for mental health, addictions and well-being on and off campus, or speak anonymously with a professional counsellor. You can reach Good2Talk by phoning 1-833-292-3698 or by texting GOOD2TALKNS to 686868. The service is available 24/7/365.

Online self-help

If you're an international student, you have access to the I.M. Well mobile app. It acts as a student assistance program, can be accessed 24/7, and is offered in 180 languages. It gives you access to professionals who can provide or connect you with the support you need for issues including: anxiety, depression, discrimination, finances, family stress, and legal issues.

Some other useful online resources are: Therapy Assistance Online, which helps you manage your own emotional wellbeing; Togetherall, a safe and anonymous online peer community, and; HealthyMindsNS, a suite of online mental health resources that's free to post-secondary students.

Your friends

If you’re having difficulties with life, mental health, or anything else, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone close to you. It's the first step to dealing with the difficulties you may be experiencing. Support can come in many forms, but sometimes the best support is the support of a friend. So don’t forget to look out for your friends as well. You can also find a supportive community of Dal students on the Dal Mobile app.

Human Rights & Equity advisors

Do you have questions about personal harassment? Sexual harassment, violence or assault? Discrimination? Reach out to one of the advisors at Human Rights & Equity Services.


Halifax campuses only

Career counselling

If you’re feeling stressed about what you’re going to do once you finish university, or how your education is going to help you start a career, you can make an appointment with a career counsellor. They can help you learn more about possible career paths, educational and career goals, and strategies to cope with personal issues that affect your future. Call 902-494-3537 for an appointment.

On-campus social worker

The Student Health & Wellness team at Dalhousie includes our on-campus social worker, Hazel Ling. She helps support students through challenges such as stress, relationship issues, mental health, and practical issues like housing, finances, and food. You can make an appointment online, by emailing, or phoning the Student Health & Wellness Centre at 902-494-2171.

Multifaith Services

Multifaith Services in the International Centre (LeMarchant Place, 1246 LeMarchant St.) provides a safe and inclusive space for students who may be experiencing difficulties with studies, work, relationships, or sexual orientation. There are currently 14 chaplains representing many religions, faiths, and traditions. Chaplains provide confidential support and counselling on personal and spiritual matters.

Peers on campus

Dal’s Stay Connected Mental Health Project has two on-campus peer support workers who have received 16 hours of training in order to provide non-judgmental, confidential, and safe mental health support for free. They’re available to chat in person (check the website for updated times/locations for drop-in appointments) or you can book a virtual appointment by emailing They understand. They've been there, too.

Mental health training and events

The Inquiring Mind Post-Secondary is delivered in a 4-hour workshop format (divided into two 2-hour sessions) and covers three main components: stigma reduction, resiliency skills, and the Mental Health Continuum Model.

The Dalhousie Mental Health Forum is an open forum for students, faculty and staff to inspire and unite stakeholders in mental health and wellness. It provides a platform for sharing ideas and collaborating on mental health related events, programming, and campaigns.