Why you should live with your best friend

Take it from me: ignore that tired warning to never choose your best friend as a roommate.

Ariel and Sam Happiness starts at home with your best friend.

One of the most common warnings people give about roommates is to never live with your best friend. Yet somehow, I’m making it work! I’ve known Sam for over eight years and we’ve been inseparable since day one. We started living together this year, and it’s been amazing. We haven’t had a single conflict, we get along great, and if anything, it’s brought us closer together. Here are some of the reasons why I’m loving having my best friend as my roommate, and how you can make it work too!


We know each other so well

Sometimes it’s an advantage to live with someone you’ve known for so long. You already know their personality, what makes them smile, and what makes them mad. Conflicts are so minimal, because you know what gets on the other person’s nerves and how to avoid those behaviours. When you live with someone you don’t know as well, it can take time to understand them and their habits, which is frustrating. And let’s face it, when I come home super-stressed, having my friend know exactly what I need (pizza, a vent session, and “America’s Next Top Model”) is a lifesaver.


We know how to communicate

We’ve been through fights before and our friendship has survived. We know how to handle conflict, and we can talk to each other in a way that will solve the problem instead of making it worse. We’ve been through so much at this point that it would take a lot to break our friendship. Learning how to communicate with the people you live with is so important, and it’s nice to know that I’m living with someone who will handle issues well instead of fuelling the fire.


We lead separate lives

Sam studies environmental science and I’m in medical sciences. I spend long nights dancing and she gets up early for rowing practice. We have different friends outside of the house and spend our time doing completely different things. We’re not in each other’s faces 24/7 and we understand each other’s boundaries. Let’s be honest: it’s really hard to be around someone all the time and see them everywhere, even if you’re super close. Having that bit of separation and being able to do things that are just yours is important for any living situation. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons why Sam is such a great roommate!


We have fun together

Living with someone you’re already so close with makes every day a bit more fun. Even mundane activities like dishes and grocery shopping are made more entertaining when you have a best friend around. We go on so many spontaneous adventures, and because we live together, they’re much more frequent than they used to be. University can be so stressful sometimes, and living with someone who you get along well with and have fun with makes it a little easier to get through!

It’s totally possible to live with your best friend, or pretty much anyone you want to live with. Just make sure you know the person as well as you can before signing the lease!