8 local Instagrams you should be following

Does your Instagram feed need a little spicing up? Want to be more a part of the local scene? Just want to see some cute dogs? Check out these awesome accounts.

Instagram photo of food Anyone can Instagram their food. Check out these local accounts instead. (Photo: Pxhere.com)


Seamus Gallagher is a NSCAD graduate and artist whose work has been featured in publications like The Coast and The Guardian. The feed is filled with colourful, thoughtful art that’s sure to catch your eye and give you something to think about.



This photographer’s gorgeous nature photos will make you feel grateful to live in such a beautiful province (and make you seriously want to go camping).



When you’re stressed from exams, there’s nothing like turning on your phone and seeing this adorable dog smiling from the back of his owner’s bicycle.



This account features all kinds of impressive photography, but what makes it unique is the killer drone shots. You’ll look at Halifax in a whole new way!



Honestly, I don’t think you can consider yourself a Haligonian if you’re not following this one. Kate Ross’s account helps you stay up to date on everything going on in the city. Plus, there are now offshoot accounts that are based around food, jobs, sports, and homes.



More of a city-slicker than a nature-dweller? Nick Hudson’s stunning pictures make familiar locations like Spring Garden Road look like the movie sets of your dreams.



I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this campus hero. If you’re not blessed enough to have Mili’s owner in your classes, following this account means you can still keep up with the exploits of this hard-working pup.



It’s legendary for a reason. There’s nothing quite like hearing a piece of campus news and racing to see how it will be made into jokes. Often imitated, never duplicated (looking at you @smu_meme_zone), this account is a quintessential part of the Dalhousie student experience.


So who do you think we should be following? Comment below and let us know. (And don’t forget to follow us @dalstudentlife!)