5 great Halloween group costume ideas

Looking for a quick, easy, costume that you and all your friends can get in on? Look no further.

All these years later, it's still the classic group costume.

Yours truly knows a thing or two about good Halloween costumes. From cleaning lady, to hot dog, to Paul Blart Mall Cop, I’ve always tried to get creative with my costumes without breaking the budget.

Not everyone is quite as gung-ho and…um...excited(?) as I am about making yourself look like a fool, so I thought I’d suggest some group costumes to get you out of your comfort zone. There’s strength in numbers, right?

During first year, two of my friends and I dressed up as the Sponge Towel guys from that commercial. You know, the one with three guys in head-to-toe absorbent white material? Yup, we were those guys. Last year, my friends committed hard to being Shrek and Donkey. I’m talking bald cap and green face paint ALL over her body.

So I guess you could call I have a ‘creative passion’ for Halloween costumes. Take a peek at my ideas and if you give any a try, tag @dalstudentlife and #Daloween2019.



Ok, hear me out...a few of my friends did this in first year and I’ve got to say, it was one that really stuck with me. All you need is a diaper, a bib, and a bottle and you’ll be set for this costume!


Aliens from Toy Story

Another group costume that can accommodate as many friends as you want. Get creative with your alien ears and makeup and, of course, beware the CLAWWW!



Choose your favourite KidzBop era and recreate their outfits! Who knows, maybe you’re actually able to pull off denim Bermuda shorts or a cheetah-print button-up?



What’s more Nova Scotian than sporting a yellow slicker with a matching hat? This costume could really come in handy if our East Coast rain comes to visit. 



This costume is perfect if you’re working on a budget, you’re maybe a last minute kinda person (you’re not alone), or you want to stay comfy. Just fasten yourself a green gemmed headband and your set! Your group of friends could even speak in Simlish for the night...ah gwanda blitz!