4 steps for having a great Friendsgiving

Not going home for Thanksgiving weekend? No problem! Gather some friends and have your very own Friendsgiving.

Photo: pxhere.com

A pretty major component of Thanksgiving is to spend some quality time with your family and friends, relax, and eat some good food. But not everyone gets to go home for the holiday so if you’re staying in Halifax for Thanksgiving, round up a few of your friends for a nice night in and have your very own Friendsgiving.

Step 1: See who's available

It’s pretty simple: figure out who’s sticking around for the weekend and make plans with them. No one should spend turkey day alone!

Step 2: Pick a place

If you live off campus, decide between your friends where the group should spend this lovely evening. Some landlords are picky about the number of visitors you’re allowed to have over so make sure that wherever you chose to eat, you can kick back, relax, and have a few laughs with friends.

If you live in residence, it may seem that finding a good eating place is pretty well impossible. However, most floors on residences have lounges that can seat at least six people! Some have couches, coffee tables and TVs to allow for a homey, living room vibe. You could even bring decorations if you wanted to set the atmosphere. If you find yourself needing seating for your pals, many of the residence front desks will let you rent mattresses for free! You can lay them out on the floor so people can sit comfortably.

Step 3: Pick your stand-in turkey

Now some people would say that Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without a turkey, but I disagree. Turkeys are expensive! There are so many different options to help cater to your friend group’s dietary needs while sticking to a student-friendly budget.

Tofurky slices: Found in the “meat-free” section of the grocery store, it’s a great stand-in because it’s easy to cook and full of flavour!

Pre-cooked chicken: Also easily found at the grocery store, no cooking required and it kind of looks like turkey?

Mac and cheese: Mac and cheese is a classic but can be tricky in residence. Be sure to look out for some dairy-free options down the natural food aisle!

Takeout: Might be considered a pricier option but for the peace of mind of not having to cook, why not? Jean’s Chinese is open on Thanksgiving and they deliver to Dal!

P.S. Don’t skip out on all the side dishes! A bag of frozen green beans or broccoli might be $5 but you can thaw them in the microwave with a little pepper.

Step 4: Enjoy your night

Now that the fam is with the food, time to just enjoy the moment. No more planning, cooking, or studying allowed! This time of year (midterm season) is especially stressful, so any spare second you can think about something other than school is a blessing. Bring movies, board games, or anything else to bulk up the bonding times with your friends. Friendsgiving will create some of the memories you hold onto the longest if you do it right.