13 gifs that perfectly sum up your exam feels

Finals are the best time of the year...said no one ever.

baby crying Photo: pxhere.com

Let's be honest, finals are stressful, chaotic, and filled with 2 am energy drink-filled nights while you're trying to cram as much info into your brain as humanly possible. But it's all worth it when you walk across that stage and get your long-awaited degree at the end of it. These 13 gifs perfectly sum up how each of us feels during exam time!

1. The feeling when you know you aced your exam


2. Handing in that final paper


3. When you open up your exam paper and realize nothing you studied is on the exam


4. When you feel overwhelmed but then rmember you got this


5. When the whole squad gets ready to fail together


6. The night before exams


7. Waking up late and having 15 minutes to get to your exam


8. The dreaded 8:30am exam


9. When you're done your exams but no one else is


10. When you get to your exam feeling prepared


11. When you're running out of time but still have the essay question to write


12. Realizing there's more questions on the back


13. When you're finally on summer vacation