5 ways to avoid the dreaded all-nighter (and sleep soundly)

No one likes all-nighters. They're stressful, cause you to rush through your studying or assignments, and make you lose valuable sleep that you need to function properly the next day.

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1. Space out your studying

It's way better to study a little over a longer period of time than trying to learn all the information the night before. If you know that you have a test coming up space out your studying over a couple of weeks or days so that you give yourself time to digest the information. This is more effective for retention as well.


2. Read over your notes before class 

It's good to refresh yourself on the course material before you attend lectures. This will help you to remember and understand the material so that when your professor is lecturing you won't be totally lost! You can also ask any questions about things you don't understand in class, instead of trying to figure it out the night before the exam.


3. Turn off your phone

Phones are an integral part of our modern living. They're also a huge distraction! Turn off, remove, or make use of phone locking apps to help fight the temptation of checking your phone every five minutes. This will help you stay focused, and avoid spending too much time on your phone instead of working on your assignments.


4. Keep on top of your schedule 

Planning is important! Make sure you are aware when all of your assignments and tests are due. This will reduce the possibility of having to rush a study sesh because you've forgotten that calc test you have tomorrow.


5. Have a set bedtime

A good night's sleep can help you think better the next day. Sometimes it's better to call it a night and work the next day than staying up all night and losing precious sleep. Set a reasonable bedtime so that you can get at minimum seven hours of sleep, while also being able to get your work done.


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Happy studying!