Top new picks to stream this February

Whatever your preferred platform, there are some great-looking shows and movies coming out (or continuing) this month.

A hand points a remote control at a television with the Netflix logo onscreen. Photo:


Malcom and Marie (Drama)


This modern-day drama introduces a young couple, played by John David Washington and Zendaya, who reminisce about their past and how it is now testing their love and values.

Premieres February 5


Bliss (Comedy)

Amazon Prime

Salma Hayek and Owen Wilson play lovers who meet during unfortunate times and believe that the world they live in is a computer simulation.

Premieres February 5


Little Fish (Drama)

Amazon Prime

A memory loss virus that spreads rapidly is only affecting people in relationships. This film follows a couple who are trying to save their relationship amid the pandemic.

Premieres February 5


Red Dot (Horror)


A married couple goes hiking in northern Sweden and sets up camp in the middle of the trail, only to encounter something they would have never expected.

Premieres February 11


Cherry (Crime/Thriller)

Apple TV+

Tom Holland plays a teenager who goes from being a solider in Iraq to a bank robber with addiction issues. Based on the novel by Nico Walker.

Premieres February 26


TV shows


WandaVision (Marvel)


Two super-powered beings, Wanda Maximoff and Vision, are stuck in a classic-styled sitcom. Living a suburban life, they begin to wonder if things are really what they seem.

New episodes every Friday


The Sinner (Psychedelic Thriller/Crime)


Retired FBI agent Harry Ambrose, played by Bill Pullman, is still on the hunt to try to examine how and why people commit brutal crimes.

Season 3 premieres February 9


Tribes of Europa (Utopia/Futuristic)


This German series is set in 2074, where tribes have now formed in order to survive a global disaster.

Premieres February 19