6 great Nintendo Switch games for quarantine

Whether you snagged one before they sold out or are waiting for them to be re-stocked, here are some of my favourite games to keep you entertained.

A person holding a Nintendo Switch on their legs, sitting on a bedspread with candy strewn about. Photo: Lucie Liz

With people staying home more than ever right now, Nintendo Switch consoles have basically become a form of currency. Apparently, they’ve been flying off the shelves as people look for new hobbies to fill their free time. One of the best things about Switch games is that they’re made by a huge variety of developers at a wide ranges of price points. Here are six of my favourites, ranked in order of cheapest to most expensive.


To the Moon

Price: $15.11

To the Moon is an adventure game that has been around for years on other platforms, but only recently became available on the Switch. You play as an employee of a tech company that creates artificial memories in the minds of terminally-ill patients. In the game, you go back in time to fulfill the last wish of your client, who knows what they want, but can’t remember why. Interesting developments happen and things don’t go exactly as planned. The game is only 4-6 hours long, depending on how fast you are at solving puzzles. Overall, it’s a very wholesome game that’s easy to finish in one sitting.

Stardew Valley

Price: $16.99

Remember the Farmville craze back in 2011? This game is the much, much, much better version of it (and it actually has a plot). The game follows your character as you inherit a plot of farm land previously owned by your grandfather. When you arrive, your farm is abandoned and filled with weeds and trees. It’s your job to create a successful farm, raise livestock, fish, mine, craft, and solve the mysteries of the town. Your character is fully customizable, and you can even choose to marry one of the townspeople, have children, etc. While the game has an in-game clock, you’re able to speed up the time by going to sleep. This feature alone makes the game unique from other games in the genre (looking at you, Animal Crossing).

Good Job!

Price: $25.19

I got this game as a gift from my friend for some stress relief after a particularly difficult couple of weeks. As soon as I started playing, it quickly became one of my favourite games on the Switch. The game consists of a bunch of different levels in which your character, the CEO’s son, has to accomplish different tasks in order to climb the corporate ladder. Even though you’re doing mundane jobs like mopping the floor and fixing the internet, your character’s clumsiness and the difficult level designs make it so addicting. One of the best things about this game is that you solve the puzzles however you want. You want to maneuver around obstacles without breaking anything? Great! You want to smash through entire walls and destroy everything in sight? Perfect! As long as you’re having fun, you have the freedom to do what you please.


Price: $49.99

Yes, it’s true, you can play this classic board game on your Switch. It might even be better than the original, too. You don’t have to worry about losing pieces or cards, you can set your own rules, and you can even switch up the look of the boards. But hands down the best part of the game is that you can save games and come back to them later. You can play with others using your own console, or you could even play online with your friends or people from around the world.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Price: $79.99

If you have any social media at all, you’ve definitely heard about Animal Crossing, but you may not know what the game is actually about. Basically, the game starts off as your character travels to their new home on a deserted island. Once you get there, all you have is a tent, some flimsy tools, and two cute animal villagers who also live on the island. Throughout the game, you fish, catch bugs, and dig up fossils in hopes of earning Bells (the in-game currency). Once you progress in the game, you’re given the ability to build a museum and edit the landscape to create an island paradise filled with your favourite villagers. There are also special events that come up occasionally, like meteor showers, fishing contests, and birthday parties. There’s so much work to be done in the game that it can easily keep you busy for hundreds of hours.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Price: $79.99

By far, Breath of the Wild is my favourite game on the Switch. There’s definitely a reason why over 17 million copies of the game were sold. While this game is pretty pricey compared to the other Switch games on the list, I think it’s definitely a worthy investment.  First of all, there is so much to do in this game. There is a lengthy main plot to follow, along with hundreds of side quests and optional missions you can complete to get special outfits, weapons, and more. You’re also able to build your own house, customize it, and just have fun exploring the (massive) world map. The game is challenging, and I’ve definitely rage-quit it a couple of times. But the rewarding feeling you get once you beat the mini-bosses makes it all worth it.