My self-isolation reading list

Running out of Netflix shows to watch while you're stuck inside? It's time to get back to reading for pure enjoyment (or to maybe learn something non-academic). Here are five book suggestions to get you started.


If you enjoy adventures

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

by Hank Green

Adventure novels are wonderful at transporting you into someone else’s reality, which can be pretty refreshing. If that sounds like something you would enjoy right now, join April May in her journey of navigating overnight fame in An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.


If you’re trying to join the baking trend

Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza

by Ken Forkish

A lot of people have taken up baking as a coping mechanism or a fun way to bond with loved ones. If you’re looking to join those finding joy in baking the perfect loaf, check out Ken Forkish’s Flour Water Salt Yeast!


If you enjoy comics

Strange Planet

by Nathan W. Pyle

You might recognize these adorable blue aliens from your Instagram explore page, and guess what? You can have a whole book full of their adventures to put a smile on your face!


If you want to make some art

You Are an Artist: Assignments to Spark Creation

by Sarah Urist Green

Making art can be pretty intimidating, especially if you have daunting memories of being in an art class and struggling to draw a decent stick figure. This book (which I have been anticipating for a while now) is perfect for everyone because the author writes it from the belief that we are all artists in our own right. Still not convinced? Check out Green’s The Art Assignment on YouTube and see if that changes your mind.


A personal favourite read

Giovanni’s Room

by James Baldwin

Every time I’ve been asked for book recommendations, I always mention James Baldwin. His works are for those who prefer books that make you reflect over an easy read. If you appreciate beautiful literature, conversations about prejudice, and are in a desperate need for a non-cliché, this book is for you. 


Pro tips for reading at home

  • Make good use of Apple Books and other E-book platforms
  • Try audiobooks
  • Play jazz music to give you the “reading in a café” feeling
  • Enjoy!

What are your favourite books these days? Comment below!