Our favourite places to study around Dal

It’s that time of year again. With classes coming to an end, finishing up final assignments, doing in-class exams and finals, having the right place to study is crucial.

Room with a view on Sexton. (Photo: Jacob MacDougall)

Studley Campus

Killam Library

If you don’t mind the noise, studying in the atrium is quite nice due to the natural light and the courtyard feel. If you need absolute silence, there are plenty of places for you in the Killam! There are desks on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors all the way around facing the atrium. On those same three floors, there are desks throughout the bookshelves—it will be just you and your thoughts here. There are also study rooms that you can book if you really need to concentrate or study in groups. Also, check out the extended Night Owls study hours!


Life Sciences Centre (LSC)

If you can figure out how to get there, the 8th floor of the biology wing provides a beautiful view of the Northwest Arm and the entrance to Halifax Harbour. However, it fills up quickly. You can also check the 5th and 6th floors that have couches you can use. Or study in the Thomas McCulloch Museum in the basement and be surrounded by stuffed birds and other fun things!


Wallace McCain Learning Commons

The Wallace McCain Learning Commons is great because: 1) it has great natural lighting (sorry Killam), and 2) the study rooms have their own thermostats! So you can stay as toasty as you want to create the perfect study environment. The tables are usually pretty quiet so if you don’t book a study room you're still good! Or you can always just book a study room.



The atrium by the Grawood has so much space! If you don’t mind a little noise you can head here and grab a table. Or you can go down a few steps and study by the fireplace in a comfy chair (yes please!). This place is sure to get you relaxed and ready to study.


Marion McCain Building

There are study lounges on the 1st and 2nd floors, and on the first floor there’s one with a fireplace! They have comfy chairs so you might have a hard time writing an essay. But if you’re studying, just sit back and relax.


LeMarchant Place

The atrium of LeMarchant Place has quite a few desks where you can spread out. This place is also pretty quiet. There are couches around the atrium that you can cozy up on, and there's lots of natural light! If you want something a bit less cavernous, step through the doors into the International Centre where you're always welcome to grab a table and go over your notes.


Carleton Campus

Collaborative Health Education Building (CHEB)

Dal’s newest building has study rooms you can book in the Kellogg Library Learning Commons on the 2nd floor. There are also spaces to study at the end of hallways and on the main level if you don’t mind a little noise. The CHEB also has new individual desks! And right now, the Learning Commons has extended Night Owls study hours.


Tupper Building

If you don’t mind a little noise, this great little lounge is perfect for you. It’s right beside Starbucks so you can grab a coffee and get to work! The lounge also connects to the CHEB, so feel free to wander back and forth between buildings to change it up a little!


Sexton Campus

The two new IDEA buildings are ready for you to find your own little nook to spread out your books! If it's noisy, you can always put on your headphones and listen to a great study playlist. There are also plenty of other good spots on campus to get lost in your notes.


Design Commons

The ideal common space for studying with fellow engineering students. With plenty of tables for working either individually or on group assignments, the Design Commons is where work and conversation exist in harmony. The Design Commons is also home to frequent engineering-related events and fundraisers, so make sure to check it out!


Sexton Library

It may be small but the Sexton Library is always somewhere where you can find a nice quiet space to work. It's one of the only spaces on Sexton Campus where you can find engineering, architecture, and planning students working shoulder to shoulder, which can provide for some great perspectives and interactions. Grab a table or book a study room.


The T-Room

This casual meeting spot is like a second home for many Dal students. During the day you can work in groups or individually at the tables, and then take well-deserved study breaks and play some pool. By night, the T-Room is home to great bands, trivia nights, movie nights, or a place to unplug from school work. In the past, The Coast has named the T-Room the best student hangout several times!


Off campus

With the number of students in this city, you know there’s bound to be a lot of great places to get away from campus and hit the books. Study a bit on campus, then take a breather and walk to one these spots:

Halifax Central Library

This beautiful spot offers tons of study space! On the 3rd floor you can get a view of Spring Garden or if you head up to the 4th and 5th floors you get an amazing view of the harbour! This is the perfect off-campus study option if you need quiet. (And there are a couple great cafés to help fight off those food pangs.) Note: get here early because it fills up fast!


Coburg Social

This little gem on the Studley Campus doorstep offers delicious food and coffee and decent study space. But if you need complete silence, this is not the place for you.


The Wired Monk

Right on the corner Morris and Hollis, this gem has lots of tables and comfy chairs on the lower level and some pretty good signature drinks!


Steve O’Reno’s

Serving breakfast until 3pm, this is the place to go on Brunswick St. if you need some caffeine and some food to keep you focused!


And some others...

Glitter Bean Café: This spot on Spring Garden Rd. close to Carleton Campus isn't the quietest but offers a different change of pace. The former Just Us! space is now a great LGBTQ2SIA-friendly spot.

Humani-T Café: Have some gelato with your studying on South Park St. or Young St. by the Hydrostone!

Uncommon Grounds: This place offers a quaint, quiet environment at their South Park St. and Barrington St. locations (and in the Public Gardens when in season).

Starbucks: If you’re a Starbucks rewards member you get free refills (except at the location in the Tupper Building). So cozy up at any of them in Halifax and enjoy every cup while studying!

The Nook: Located on Gottingen St., this is a perfect cozy study spot! And of course treats will help keep you going while you're studying.

Nova Scotia Public Archives: If history is your thing and you love to learn about it, this is the place to go right between Studley and Carleton campuses. You can take breaks from your studies and explore stories of Nova Scotia's past!

Dilly Dally: You won’t want to dilly dally from your studies (lol) but this place at the corner of Quinpool and Vernon is pretty cute! It has plenty of natural light and a rotational menu so you can switch it up.

Lucky Penny: Check out this place further down Quinpool (west of Oxford St.) for some brain food! They have granola bowls and avocado toast to help get your through.

Seven Bays Bouldering: This is a great place to go study on Gottingen St. They have a café so you can get your caffeine boost and then take a break with some climbing. Sounds like a perfect reward for studying!

Do you know any other awesome study spots the world should discover? Share them in the comments below!